Easy BBQ Chicken

This is a super easy and quick way of making BBQ chicken taste awesome


6 Boned and skinned chicken thighs (Thighs have the most flavour but any cut will do here)

100 ml Galloway Burger House Smoky BBQ Sauce (other sauces available that also work well!)

A good charcoal BBQ (I don’t want to hear gas excuses)

  1. Fire up your BBQ
  2. Coat chicken in BBQ sauce and leave to sit in the fridge.  Dont worry about how long to leave it as this is more a glaze than a marinade.
  3. When the BBQ stops flaming and the embers are glowing chuck the chicken on and glaze with any left over sauce
  4. Cook for 15 mins (or until cooked through). Turn regularly!
  5. Serve with a salad or chopped up on a roll with mayo!!!

Works every time!

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